Level III

NDTI’s Level III team members possess extensive experience and a wide range of industry expertise.

We can assist you in meeting the personnel requirements of SNT TC 1A, CP 189, NAS 410, ASME V, and NAVSEA TP 271 through training, examination, and trainee oversight. Our Level III’s can provide technical guidance and development of NDT procedures and practices, as well as, the implementation of your inspection processes. Our review and audit services can provide valuable feedback about your NDT documentation, equipment, processes, personnel, and activities, either in preparation for compliance audits or for internal assessment. We can provide representation, and interface with your clients and customers to resolve and clarify NDT issues and demands.

Level III Services include:

  • Procedure writing and revisions
  • Developing a written practice
  • Implementing procedures
  • NDT audits
  • Consulting with your clients and NDT personnel
  • Write NDT exams
  • Training for certification exams
  • Personnel review and record keeping

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